28 May 2014

Another try

Time has come to try it again - try to keep writing a "blog" about what I am currently working on. I tried to write blog few times before but each time, for some reason, I stopped. Hopefully this time it will be different and I'll manage to keep it on for more than just few weeks (articles). I also want to improve my poor english writing skills and this could be a good way to do it.

Current interests:

  • Parallel programming, parallel programming on GPU - for my dissertation in field of DNA assembly
  • Unity3D - To make my own game was always my dream...
  • Web technologies - I've always been (kind of) interested in web technologies
  • Gaming... :)

Parallel programming, parallel programming on GPU

In my dissertation I focus on de novo(from the beginning) assembly of large DNA sequences with short sequence reads using parallel computation models and methods. I actually didn't do much yet, firstly I needed to get into this field of bioinformatics. I'll try to put some stuff probably into section.


To make my own game was always my dream, in fact I started to working on a lot of "projects"/games. But unfortunately I finished only the easiest and simplest of them. I started bigger projects but my inability to be able to focus on single larger project always won. Another problem is procrastination, of which I'm sure you've already heard. The main problem was probably that I've always wanted to make a game from scratch because I was never fond of any kind of frameworks, libraries, etc. - but I'm trying to change that - because in todays fast world it is necessary. But I'm sure that to know basics of game making (how these frameworks do what they do) is also important. Friend recommended me Unity3D (www.unity3d.com), and I was surprised how easily it can do stuff that I was struggling with before. I will certainly recommend you to try it if you are interested in game development, at least for prototyping.

Web technologies

I've always been (kind of) interested in web technologies - ever since my first time online. HTML and CSS is easy to learn and understand and JavaScript is currently my favorite language. Web technologies are developing very fast, there is countless number of projects targeting for web. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript improvements and much more are things that are still evolving and I'm looking forward to see where it goes.


I used to play a lot of games and spent a lot of time with it when I was younger. Today I am, sadly, "grown up man", and I don't have that much time I used to.
My favorites are/were: Ultima Online, DOTA 1, Minecraft
Currently, when I need to "turn off" for a few moments, I play FPS Shadowgun: DeadZone. Usually until rage quit :). You can find me there under nickname 'larrysk'.


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